Fleishman Law, PLC is dedicated to helping its clients effectively and cost-efficiently deal with the wide range of legal issues that arise in the use and ownership of land and the planning and operation of a business.

Fleishman Law, PLC constantly strives to incorporate practical technology to help streamline its workflow and increase efficiency, thereby saving clients money.

Fleishman Law’s Philosophy
Many people mistakenly believe that they only need an attorney when a lawsuit is involved.  However, the reality is that many lawsuits can be avoided by consulting with an attorney long before situations reach litigation.

Through careful planning, Fleishman Law helps its clients avoid situations that lead to litigation.  However, there are times when issues simply cannot be resolved short of litigation.  When that time comes, Fleishman Law is ready and willing to pursue or defend a case to its completion.

However, Fleishman Law recognizes that litigation is very stressful and has a way of consuming a client’s life.  Fleishman Law also recognizes that legal services are expensive.  The traditional law firm model demands greater and greater billable hours to sustain the upper levels of its heirarchy, which is inherently in conflict with a client’s own financial interest.  Fortunately, as a solo practice, Fleishman Law is not beholden to that model.  Fleishman Law is committed to finding practical, creative, and value driven ways of resolving issues quickly, which equates to savings to the client.