1. Great post. I have actually dealt with a similar situation to your case. Unfortunately this is one of the only set backs in tax lien investing. It is a win win situation but the owners are protected in the unfortunate incident of death.

  2. Tax Lien Foreclosures – Strict Compliance Is Out!

    Under Arizona Revised Statutes Section 42-18202, a tax lien investor who wants foreclose the right of a property owner to redeem a tax lien is required, among other things, to send a notice of intent to file a foreclosure action…

  3. ihart

    If owner is deceased, I understand asking neighbors, but how would you go about checking for heirs (last names could be different)??

  4. Raquel Baranow

    I lost a case exactly like this . . . got the deed then, several months later an heir hired a lawyer who said I could have found the heir by:

    (1) Checking a death certificate (the Certificate was NOT recorded . . . I was supposed to get it from the State!) . . . there was no evidence she died!

    (2) Checking with the City, who had records . . . (I checked with the City, there were no records).

    (3) Checking with the Treasurer on another property owned by the decedent. (I would-have had to ask the Treasurer who paid it off.)

    The judge sided with the lawyer, who voided the Judgement . . . I’m still waiting for the money I paid!!!!

    I filed two “Motions for Reconsideration” . . . when those failed, I tried to appeal but lost on Appeal because my Appeal wasn’t “timely”!

    Baranow v Harper, 2CA-CV 20090006 and C-2007-1623

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