Arizona – When Does a Tax Lien Expire?

When does an Arizona tax lien certificate of purchase expire?  This was the only issue in Span v. Maricopa County Treasurer, a 2014 Arizona Court of Appeals decision.  While this decision may not be used to cite as precedent in any case by an attorney, the discussion from the Court is useful for anyone holding … [Read more…]

The Future of the Pecan Groves

The Arizona Daily Star reports that Farmers Investment Co., which owns nearly 7,000 acres stretching nearly fourteen miles from Pima Mine Road to Continental Road in the Sahuarita and Green Valley area is looking to how to plan for the long-term use of this giant expanse.  The Sahuarita Planning and Zoning Commission will weigh in … [Read more…]

Drones – The Looming Battle of Preemption

The long-standing issue of federal preemption in the immigration context has found a new corollary in the battle over how states, counties, and municipalities are dealing with the rise in drone use.  As drone use continues to increase, states and municipalities are trying to determine whether their broad police powers are sufficient to regulate drones, … [Read more…]

Progressive Housing Policy – Laying the Blame for the Housing Bubble on “Affirmative Credit”

A recent article by Michael Booth in the admittedly conservative online magazine American Thinker posits that the much of the blame for the housing crisis can be traced to the Democrat’s “affirmative credit” policies.  Booth argues that the naming of Michael Raines as the CEO of Fannie Mae turned Fannie Mae into a Democratic “campaign … [Read more…]

The $16.65 billion Bank of America Settlement

The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced a massive global settlement between Bank of America and the US Justice Department, other federal agencies (including the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Housing Administration, and Ginnie Mae), and six states, to resolve claims connected to toxic residential mortgage-backed securities, collateralized debt obligations and an origination release … [Read more…]